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Pintanna Beeja Pradana Project

A Project initiated to help Sri Lanka recover food Shortages and increase urban vegetation. 


Step 01

Get your free packet of Seeds!

We are handing over thousands of free packets of vegetable seeds that can be collected from our Branches or through our Marketing Reps.

Step 02

Plant the Seeds

Once the seeds are collected, prepare your garden, plot or pot for planting the seeds. Carefully plant the seeds and water them.

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Step 03

Take a Picture and Post Online!

When your planting the seeds take a proper photograph and post it on Social Media like Facebook and Instagram.

Mention the Project Beeja Pradana in your caption and make sure to add the below hashtags!


Step 04

Win rewards! Be a part of the effort.

Stand a chance to get featured on our official social media pages and win a souvenir signed by our Chairman Kumar Dharmasena.

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