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Ready to become a Agarwood Investor? Investing with us comes with it's own set of Benefits! Your purchased plants will be taken care by our well trained planters. You can visit the Estate to take a good look at your plants and how they are slowly growing into 30 feet height Trees. You also get free access to our luxury Bungalow to spend some quality time with friends and family.

What's More? You are eligible to get special discounts and deals from our upcoming Oud Products. The most luxurious fragrance produced from the Agarwood trees you purchased!

We welcome you to a life-long relationship with Pintanna. To Get started scroll down and follow the steps!

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Covered Plants

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Make sure to select correct branch of the Sales Representative. If you select an incorrect branch your submitted proposal will be automatically recognized as invalid. If you are unsure about this step we recommend requesting assistance from the Sales Representative who contacted you. If for whatever reason, this does not apply, please contact us at +94 11 705 4054 to guide you.

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