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Need to inoculate Trees grown at your own Land?
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Hire our inoculation team to visit your land and do the inoculation for you. We will provide all services including the drilling process for no additional cost. 

Cost Per Tree
LKR 5,000

Minimum Trees
100 Trees

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Under the "Pintanna AamuPradana" project, we offer our exceptional fungi variant to customers who grow Agarwood trees at their own plot of land. Customers can now purchase our inoculant which can be injected to Agarwood trees to infuse the tree with resins. 

Our inoculant has been proven to produce the highest quality resins with extreme saturation within the shortest given time. The fungi has been tested through various complex means to guarantee the best results with minimum harm to the tree. If you inoculate a low quality fungi, not only you will get very little Agarwood but also the tree might even die due to the damages.

Since naturally infused agarwood is becoming extremely rare and time consuming planters are looking for a effective inoculant which can artificially infuse resins. 

Call Our Inoculation Team Today    +94 76 203 4054

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Watch our Videos to Learn More

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