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A Peek into the Spectacular Boardroom Premiere

Stride into the future with Pintanna Plantations as we unveiled our sleek state-of-the-art boardroom on December 2nd, 2023. The grand opening not only showcased the company's dedication to growth but also radiated the spirit and success that defines Pintanna. The event, a perfect blend of formality and festivity, hosted a significant meeting within the sophisticated space. From the company's humble beginnings to the achievements of 2023, the agenda sparked a collective reflection on milestones, challenges, and lessons learned.

Chairman Deshabandu Kumar Dharmasena, alongside the dynamic Executive Director Kavishka Dharmasena and accomplished Executive Directress Dushanthi Dharmasena, brought their visionary insights to the discussions, exploring the very achievements that shaped Pintanna's remarkable growth. Looking ahead, the focus seamlessly shifted to 2024, unveiling plans to enhance returns for the company's esteemed investors. The collective brainstorming involved key figures from various departments, highlighting Pintanna's hallmark collaborative culture.

More than a formal meeting, the event served as a triumphant celebration of Pintanna's resilience and achievements. With the new boardroom, the company stands ready for a prosperous future, guided by wise leadership and fueled by the dedication of its entire team. Pintanna Plantations continues to grow, innovate, and inspire as it charts a brighter course for 2024 and beyond.


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