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Beeja Pradana Project

"Beeja Pradana" is a project initiated to help Sri Lanka recover food shortages and increase urban vegetation by giving away free packets of seeds to all employees, customers and to the general public.

In an era where trees should be considered as a treasure, we witness deforestation globally. It is important to us as citizens to protect this environment that offers us life. In Sri Lanka, alongside deforestation we can witness a beginning of a scarcity of day-to-day vegetables due to the current situation in the country. Planting at least one small vegetable seed in your garden will go a long way.

As Pintanna is all about making a greener future for Sri Lanka we decided to initiate this project where we handed over free packets of vegetable seeds to our employees, esteemed customers and the general public. The project was initiation with the blessing of our Chairman Deshabandu Kumar Dharmasena as he received the first packet of vegetable seeds which he planted in his backyard.

Phase 01 of the project was completed as we handed over the seeds to all our employees to plant at their gardens. We continued the project by giving away seeds to our esteemed customers. An important part of the project was where we encouraged all individuals who received the seeds to take a picture of them planting the seeds and post on Facebook with our project hashtags.

#growwithpintanna #growtogreen2022 #growwithkumar #beejapradhana

This awareness campaign was a huge success as we received thousands of requests for seeds which the genral public was keen on planting across Sri Lanka!

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