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Madullkele Estate
Agarwood Cultivation

Our Estates

Withanagama Estate
Agarwood Cultivation
Dehiowita Estate
Agarwood Cultivation
Parakaduwa Estate
Agarwood Cultivation
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Ayagama Estate
Oud Factory, Bungalow, Nurseries, Inoculation Lab, Agarwood Cultivation
Arambegama Estate
Agarwood Cultivation
Mawanalla Estate
Agarwood Cultivation
Thoranakotha Estate
Agarwood Cultivation
Galathura Estate
Agarwood Cultivation

What began as a single plantation that operated within the nook of Ratnapura, has expanded its estates to 9 more locations today, cultivating Agarwood and many other commercial plants.

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Ayagama Estate

Nestled within sprawling green landscapes, the enchanting parkland of Pintanna awaits discovery. Spanning over 1800+ acres across Sri Lanka, our estates are dedicated to cultivating Agarwood trees. Within this picturesque Agarwood hacienda, more than 150,000 trees thrive under the care of our dedicated workforce of over 200 employees, ensuring their healthy growth.

Embracing an eco-friendly ethos, our plantations prioritize operations that maintain ecological balance and value biodiversity. We believe that many challenges encountered on our estates can be overcome with the assistance of nature itself. For instance, by bolstering the population of avian insectivores, we effectively reduce damage caused by caterpillars. This takes us away from typical chemical spray runs which kills biodiversity.

Ayagama Estate serves as our flagship plantation, encompassing over 85 acres of Agarwood trees. Here, you'll find our esteemed Oud Factory, numerous Agarwood Nurseries, a state-of-the-art Research Laboratory, a luxurious bungalow with a natural pool, and a sustainable irrigation system.

At Pintanna, we uphold a policy of transparency, opening our doors to any prospective investor who wishes to witness our efforts firsthand. We warmly welcome visitors to our estate, provided that prior notice is given, allowing them to gain insight into our practices and witness the passion driving our endeavors.

What you will find at our Estates

Rubber Tree
Image by Rens D
Image by Anas Alhajj






Oud Factory

Wide range of Productions

At our Oud Factory we distill Oud Oil both artisanally and commercially with more than 160 vessels designed with a mix of technology and centuries old methods. Moreover, the factory also produces high-end Oud fragrance wood exclusively exported to Middle Eastern Countries such as UAE and KSA.

With the recent expansion of our Factory, we have introduced new sections that empower us to produce highly sought-after by-products, including bakhoor, incense sticks, and a range of other exquisite offerings.

Solar Energy & Rainwater Harvesting

Our latest enhancements to the factory include a remarkable addition – the integration of solar energy. In conjunction with the rainwater harvesting infrastructure, the factory's roofs now boast nearly one hundred solar panels, capable of not only powering the facility itself but also the entire estate.

Government Grant

In 2020, Pintanna Plantations was offered a government grant through the Sri Lanka Agriculture Sector Modernization Project to construct Sri Lanka's first ever Oud Factory.

Organic Certified

Pintanna Oud Factory is one of the few Oud distillation factories in the world that runs a total organic production process. Our factory is organically certified by the Control Union of Sri Lanka.

Oud Factory.jpg
Oud factory 2.jpg

Introducing you Sri Lanka's first and only,

Oud Factory!

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