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Agarwood Investment Portfolio

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An Investment Portfolio unlike any other!

Agarwood is a commercially valued tree recognized by many thriving industries such as perfumery, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and aromatherapy. Recognizing the soaring demand for oud, we have embarked on the cultivation of Agarwood trees in the verdant landscapes of Sri Lanka.

We extend a unique opportunity for you to invest in these carefully nurtured Agarwood trees within our estates, promising unparalleled returns unlike any other investment avenue.

Commercializing Agarwood is a complex task, while its value is undeniable, converting it into liquid gold is a painstaking process. This is where we step in, taking on the arduous tasks on your behalf. Our expertise in cultivation, inoculation and manufacturing of end products allows you to invest effortlessly, reaping substantial returns upon maturity.

From the meticulous pruning and watering to witnessing the transformation from a humble seed to a prosperous investment, we oversee the entire process of turning your Agarwood trees into liquid gold that can bring prosperity to your life. We proudly present two investment plans, each tailored to meet your specific requirements. Discover which plan aligns best with your aspirations.


Invest in Agarwood

With Pintanna?


Become a part of something bigger, a project that invests in nature. A prosperous future for you, a greener future for Sri Lanka!



​Experience unmatched returns as our portfolio delivers steadily increasing rates. For centuries, the price of Agarwood has stood unwavering, never showing a decline.



From Seed-to-Dollar we maintain a highly transparent process, to share with you our total cycle of Agarwood commercialization. 


Global Brands

Pintanna was founded by Mr. Kumar Dharmasena, a world renowned Umpire & Entrepreneur who now owns the global brands Unanduwa and Silani. 



Our ever expanding business model will increase the safety of your investment tenfold as we utilize the multifaceted value of Agarwood in several industries.


Minimum Risk

Backed by government support, we hold the exclusive license for exporting Silani Oud, thanks to a government grant that facilitated the construction of our Factory.

Marurity plan


Agarwood Maturity

Investment Plan

  • Earn your total harvest at once at the end of the investment period.

  • A shorter maturity period!

  • Steady increase in harvest every year.

Harvest Period

8 Years

Trio Plan


Agarwood Trio

Investment Plan

  • Reap the harvest of your investment faster!

  • Get your harvest annually from the 3rd year of your investment onwards.

  • Gradual increase of harvest every year.

Harvest Period

12 Years


Ready to Invest or need more info?

We are located across Sri Lanka to better serve you. Our experts are always ready to serve you whether it is through a phone call or a face to face discussion. Visit or Contact the closest branch to you or call our direct hotline to get more information.

Head Office


0117 054 054

Galle Branch

Contact No.

091 203 1230


+94 76 045 0350

Matara Branch

Contact No.

041 203 1221


+94 76 045 0250

Maharagama Branch

Contact No.

011 217 4753


+94 76 045 015

Moratuwa Branch

Contact No.

0112010699 / 0112010690


+94 77 405 4054

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