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Investing In Agarwood

We offer you to purchase Agarwood plants grown at our Ayagama Estate which takes about 8 years to fully grow and ready to harvest. From pruning to pest control your purchased plants will be taken care by our experienced staff. After 8 years we buy back those trees from you for a higher price, giving you the opportunity to earn a significant surplus. Your trees are numbered and protected by strong fences, CCTV and trained guard dogs.

Every investor will be provided with a legal agreement upon down payment signed by our Directors. In addition, once full payment is completed we provide a certificate of trust, 'Harvest Certificate'. These are the documents which will bind your contract with us securing your investment.

Every Esteemed Investor is welcome to visit our Estate with prior notice. Our luxury bungalow and friendly staff/hospitality team will make sure to service you a comfortable and a memorable experience. Our Estate Management will provide every Esteemed Investor an exclusive tour around the parkland to educate on the process from seed-to-oil as we believe transparency is the key to a credible investment portfolio.

What we offer

Why Invest in Agarwood?



Unlike bonds or stocks we offer you to invest in a valuable natural resource. While building your wealth become a part of something bigger.



We offer an impressive 18.75% Guaranteed Return on your investment alongside a projected return of 54%.



We possess a government funded Oud oil Factory as well as the license to export Oud legally, ensuring your return on investment. 


Brand Value

Pintanna Plantations is founded by Mr. Kumar Dharmasena a lionized victor of the 1996 cricket world cup as well an elite panel cricket umpire.



Currently only 30% of the Agarwood demand is supplied globally. Therefore the market value will gradually increase, resulting the price value of your invested trees to increase.


Minimum Risk

We are a government funded company and we provide you a legal agreement as well as a certificate of trust that secures your investment.

Why Invest in Agarwood

"Husma" Agarwood Investment Plan


Why do we state an Expected Return

1. Our prime product, Oud oil and other Agarwood related products, are traded in US Dollars since it is sold in the international market. Hence, the pricing of every other product including our investment plans are heavily impacted by the exchange rate.

2. Since the Agarwood market in Sri Lanka is still at the initial stage, there is much more potential for the value for the trees to be increased. As new competitors enter this industry the chances are higher for the appreciation of the price.

3. Due to heavy poaching of Wallapatta trees in the wild, its becoming endangered in Sri Lanka.  The rarity of the Wallapatta Agarwood to the international market and Silani Oud being the only licensed holder to export Oud oil and other Agarwood products, gives Pintanna the distinction to propose sound and safe returns to our esteemed investors.

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