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Pintanna Estate

Our Agarwood Plantation is organically certified. Furthermore, We are in the process of receiving several more certifications and standards including ISO 22716 and ISO 22000.  In Addition, more expansion of the estate is in progress from the year of 2021.

At Pintanna Estate there are more than 2000 wild Wallapatta trees(Gyrinops Walla), 12,000+ Matured Agarwood Crassna and Subintegra Trees and more than 30,000 Agarwood plants from all three species. We undertake research on Agarwood seeds and fungi inoculation at our nurseries and Oud oil variations at our factory. We study on product diversification for Agarwood with the intent to enter the tea, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.  We also conduct soil, water as well as leaf sample testing frequently. 

Hidden deep in the mountains of Rathnapura, Pintanna Estate boasts 250 acres covering a vast area of rich soil capable of cultivating Agarwood trees. This beautiful natural hacienda holds more than 45,000 Agarwood trees and plants. The origin of this enchanting estate began 18 years ago when Mr. Kumar Dharmasena embarked on a journey as a planter by growing tea, rubber, cinnamon and pepper. six years later, Mr. Kumar Dharmasena discovered the Agarwood tree and added this to his collection.

Today Agarwood has dominated this magnificent Plantation due to its rarity and higher price tag. Pintanna Estate includes a luxurious Bungalow, state of the art nurseries,  Sri Lanka's first Oud oil Factory and a sustainable irrigation system.  Every esteemed investor is welcomed to visit our wonderland where they are able to learn and experience the process from seed-to-oil. 

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