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Nestled within the nook of Rathnapura, a glorious location which is known for its fountains of Jewels. It is situated in Ayagama, Sri Lanka.  The estate consists of  250 acres which holds over 25 years of experience in cultivation. Finally, we bring you our latest product, Agarwood. A tree known for its aroma and rarity.

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Our Story


About Us

Pintanna Plantations (Pvt) Ltd. was inaugurated in 2020 by Mr. Kumar Dharmasena as an Agricultural Investment company that offers an outstanding investment portfolio where investors are able to purchase Agarwood Trees nurtured at the Pintanna Estate.

Our story began back in 2009 when Mr. Kumar Dharmasena first encountered this magical Agarwood tree. Through various experiments and ample amount of research by 2020, after a decade, he was able to obtain the license to legally export Oud oil and other Agarwood related products.

As an initiative for the public to join this remarkable process, Pintanna Plantations introduced an investment plan where anyone from all-over the world can invest in Agarwood trees and earn a significant return. We grow several genera....

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How we created a Credible Investment Portfolio

We understand that it is important to offer a comprehensive investment portfolio where the investors are able to see through the process on how we create more wealth for them. In the Agarwood industry the value of the tree can only be utilized effectively once the Oud oil is extracted and exported. The methodology behind the oil extraction is kept secret with the Dharamasena Family in Sri Lanka. Silani Oud oil is still being extracted at small amounts by various individuals in Sri Lanka, they do not possess the license to export it or harvest the trees.

At Pintanna, as the only legal exporter, we are able to extract the oil effectively and export it across the globe and earn a significant surplus. This is how we add credibility to our investment portfolio. By exporting Oud oil we can ensure the safety of the investments and repurchase the trees from the investors. We welcome our esteemed investors come and visit our estate to experience the whole process from seed-to-oil.

How we Created

We are Sri Lanka's first Organically Certified Agarwood Plantation.

We take Sustainability seriously. From Seed-to-oil we make sure our production process is completely Eco-friendly and Organic. We are Organically Certified by the Control Union of Sri Lanka

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What is Agarwood?

Agarwood is an extremely valuable resinous heartwood extracted from the stems of Aquilaria and Gyrinops trees which are mostly native to Southeast Asia. The procedure involves a physical contamination of a wounded part of the tree where a certain fungi will attack the cells of the stem which will lead to the production of Agarwood. Agarwood is produced as an antibody to fight against the fungi and this is a unique characteristic of Aquilaria and Gyrinops trees.

Agarwood formation can result both through natural and human-induced ways. While the natural formation has almost become extinct, mankind has found an alternative method that involves fungi inoculation. By injecting the fungi to the tree trunk, Agarwood can be formed and the quality of the Agarwood heavily depends on the quality of the inoculation.

What is Agarwood
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Why Trust Us?

Pintanna Plantation is a proud initiative of Kumar Dharmasena, former national Cricket player from the 1996 World cup winning Team of Sri Lanka and currently an Elite Panel Cricket Umpire for ICC.

He first encountered the Agarwood tree back in 2009 and today his passion as a planter and decades worth research in Agarwood has given the public the opportunity to Invest and earn above market level profits with a minimum risk. Click below to read on how he stumbled upon this liquid gold.

Why trust us
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