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We are Agarwood Enthusiasts!
Pintanna is an ever-growing family. We are a group of skilled individuals each holding their own unique strength to push the boundaries and spread awareness about this magical tree known as Agarwood.
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Pintanna Plantations (Pvt) Ltd. was inaugurated in 2020 by Mr. Kumar Dharmasena as an Agricultural Investment company that offers an outstanding investment portfolio where investors are able to purchase Agarwood Trees nurtured at the Pintanna Estate. Our story began back in 2009 when Mr. Kumar Dharmasena first encountered this magical Agarwood tree. Through various experiments and ample amount of research by 2020, after a decade, he was able obtain the license to legally export Oud oil and other Agarwood related products.

As an initiative for the public to join this remarkable process, Pintanna Plantations introduced an investment plan where anyone from all-over the world can invest in Agarwood trees and earn a significant return. We grow several genera of Agarwood at our Ayagama estate. Our parkland includes Sri Lanka’s first ever Oud Factory, a luxury bungalow, state of the art Agarwood nursery as well as an irrigation system that utilizes a waterfall and rain water.

What we do
As a Company
As an Economy
Our company holds the Government Certified export permit, which is the required legal document to export Oud Oil and other Agarwood related products. Since we have this opportunity to export Oud oil in large scale, we can improve the country's wellbeing and quality of life through the appreciation of the currency along with the increase in the macro economy.

I am honoured to introduce one variety of Agarwood which is known as "Gyrinops Walla" and is a local product that has a very old history.The rarity of its aroma is because it is an indigenous Tree.

- Kumar Dharmasena -

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Our Branches
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Head Office (Wijerama)

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Matara Branch

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Galle Branch

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Maharagama Branch

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