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Pintanna Agarwood Seeding 2023

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

In pursuit of a prosperous and secure future, Pintanna devised an extensive Agawood seeding procedure on the 30th of June 2023, the noble mission of fostering new Agarwood plant (Aqualaria Subintegra) populations for a sustainable tomorrow has already been set in motion.

More over, only fruits with viable seeds are collected from mature plants during the suitable period within the first week of June, July or August. Seven days After harvesting, these Agawood seeds begin to lose their germination capacity by a staggering 80–90%. Hence, our team of highly skilled technicians employs meticulous strategies to establish and maintain these Seed nurseries. To facilitate growth, a unique soil mixture comprised of sand, salt, and yellow or red podzolic soil is utilized. This intricate process entails the careful sowing of Agarwood seeds in our very own Seedling nursery, which is especially maintained to ensure optimal quality in the newly grown Agarwood Seedlings.

Prior to planting, the fertile seeds undergo a four-hour cleansing to separate any undesirable elements. With the meticulous use of healthy seeds and the implementation of correct strategies, Pintanna's Agawood plantations in the hilly region of Sri Lanka have earned esteemed certification under the Seed Act No. 22 of 2003 and the New Planting Material Bill.

Additionally, we have obtained legal permission from the Department of Forest Conservation of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka for exporting Agarwood. With the investment of our valuable customers in our expansive 2000+ acres of Pintanna Agarwood (Wallapatta - "Gyrinops Walla") Vegetation, Sri Lanka's forest vegetation has acquired an impressive reputation.


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