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Pintanna - Esala Poya Day Mixed Rice Dansala

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

On the occasion of the Great Esala Pura Pasaloswaka Poya Day, July 3rd. A Mixed Rice Dansala organized by Pintanna Plantations was held today at our Pintanna estate in Ayagama in a very successful manner. The top management of our Pintanna Group of companies, including our esteemed Working Director, Dushanthi Dharmasena, and our Executive Director, Kavishka Dharmasena, along with our Legal Director, Ashalya Dharmasena, and our Director, Amanya Dharmasena, participated in this noble task.

On this auspicious Poya day, all those who took part in this charity work with their hearts in mind should be blessed with this merit!

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