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Suvaliya - Women's Day Celebration at Pintanna Plantations 2024

At Pintanna Plantations, we celebrated International Women's Day by organizing several initiatives to prioritize the health and well-being of our female workforce across various branches, including Nugegoda, Matara, Galle, Maharagama, Moratuwa, and Ayagama estate.

Our HR department worked closely with the Ministry of Health to meticulously organize these checkups, ensuring access to quality healthcare for our workforce. This initiative highlights our unwavering commitment to prioritizing the health of our employees, recognizing it as a cornerstone of their overall well-being.

During the planning and execution of our Women's Day, our Executive Directress, Dushanthi Dharmasena, played a pivotal role. Her unwavering support and dedication were instrumental in making this event a resounding success.

Our Women's Day Suwa Liya program was a huge success! We saw a strong sense of unity and empowerment throughout our organization across all branches. Our company is committed to creating an inclusive work culture that empowers women every day. We celebrate the transformative power of collective action and solidarity and remain dedicated to nurturing a workplace culture that prioritizes the health and well-being of our female employees. Thank you to all the incredible women who make our company such a fantastic place to work.


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