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The Unveiling of Deshabandu Kumara Dharmasena's Statue at Unanduwa Factory

On April 21st, a day that holds significant meaning for Pintanna Plantations, we gathered to celebrate not only the birthday of our esteemed Chairman, Deshabandu, Kumara Dharmasena but also to honor his visionary leadership and remarkable contributions to our company and community. This year, the occasion was marked by a special event, the unveiling of a statue dedicated to our Chairman Deshabandu Kumara Dharmasena, at the site of our upcoming Unanduwa factory. Our Chairman, Deshabndu Kumara Dharmasena, has been the driving force behind Pintanna Plantations' success and growth. His vision and dedication have transformed our company into a leader in producing high-quality Oud-based products. Under his guidance, we have expanded our operations and introduced innovative products that have set new standards in the industry.

The statue unveiled on Deshabandu Kumara Dharmasena's birthday stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment and leadership. It symbolizes our respect and admiration for a man who has not only led us to commercial success but has also been a pillar of support and inspiration to everyone at Pintanna Plantations. The statue was placed at the site of our future Unanduwa factory, which is set to become Sri Lanka's first perfume factory. 

This project represents a significant milestone for Pintanna Plantations and the Sri Lankan fragrance industry as a whole. Although the factory is still under construction, its potential to revolutionize the local perfume market is immense.

Unanduwa is envisioned to be a state-of-the-art facility that will produce world-class perfumes using the finest local ingredients. This factory will not only enhance our product portfolio but also create numerous job opportunities and contribute to the local economy. It embodies Deshabandu Kumara

Dharmasena's vision of innovation, excellence, and sustainable growth.


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