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A Visit From A Group Of French Perfumers

We are thrilled to share that Pintanna Plantations recently had the pleasure of hosting an amazing visit from a group of French Perfumers, led by the dynamic duo of Executive Chairman Mr. Kavishka Dharmasena, and Senior Manager - Digital Marketing and International Sales, Mr. Lahin Askey! During their visit, we had the opportunity to showcase our exceptional products and processes and take them on an exciting tour of our different factories on the premises.

The visit allowed for some truly meaningful exchanges between our teams and sparked the potential for some exciting collaborations in the future! We are deeply grateful to the French Perfumers team for taking the time to visit us and for reaffirming our belief in the universal language of fragrance that transcends borders and cultures.

We are absolutely thrilled to continue exploring the amazing unity between ourselves and the global fragrance community, and we can't wait to share more exciting updates with you as we continue on our journey of scent discovery and innovation!


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