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Sri Lanka's First Oud-based Unanduwa Perfume Factory Opening

Exciting news from Sri Lanka! Pintanna Plantations has proudly introduced the nation's first Oud-based perfume manufacturing company, marking a significant milestone for the country's fragrance industry. This remarkable achievement signals a new growth, innovation, and opportunity era.

The grand unveiling occurred at the state-of-the-art Unanduwa factory, drawing distinguished dignitaries and influential figures from various sectors. The event kicked off with the esteemed presence of the Honorable Minister of Wildlife and Forest Resources Conservation and attorney Pavithradevi Wanniarachchi, who graced the occasion with the blessings of President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

“ The president personally called and instructed me to represent him at this event.”

The ceremony was further elevated by the participation of Deshabandu Kumar Dharmasena, the Chairman of Pintanna Plantations, alongside Executive Director Kavishka Dharmasena and Executive Directress Dushanthi Dharmasena. Their unwavering dedication and leadership have been pivotal in bringing this ambitious project to life.

Chairman Deshabandu Kumar Dharmasena emphasized the profound significance of this groundbreaking venture for Sri Lanka, highlighting that the establishment of the Oud-based perfume manufacturing company not only signifies Pintanna Plantations' unwavering commitment to excellence but also marks a transformative stride in the nation's economic revitalization.

"Today, we are not just inaugurating a factory; we are laying the foundation for a brighter, more prosperous future for Sri Lanka," Chairman Deshbandu Kumar Dharmasena expressed.

"This initiative will generate new job opportunities, nurture local talent, and position Sri Lanka as a key global player in the fragrance market."

The presence of Minister Pavithradevi Wanniarachchi underscored the government's wholehearted support and acknowledgment of this remarkable accomplishment. In her speech, the Minister commended Pintanna Plantations for their visionary approach and steadfast dedication to sustainable development. She reaffirmed the government's commitment to backing initiatives contributing to the country's economic growth and environmental conservation.

The establishment of the Oud-based perfume manufacturing company UNANDUW is a bold leap forward for Sri Lanka. It will propel not only the local economy but also elevate the country's standing on the world stage. Through this initiative, Pintanna Plantations is poised to make a significant impact by producing top-quality Oud-based perfumes tailored for both local and international markets.

As Pintanna Plantations embarks on this exciting new chapter, the future brims with promise. The company's unwavering focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability assures that Sri Lanka is on the path to being recognized as a pioneer in the Oud-based perfume industry.


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