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Bringing Smiles, Adding Colors: Pintanna Celebrates Children's Day by Brightening Futures.

Pintanna Plantations made a heartwarming influence on the Madulkelle Plantation community by revitalizing the village school to celebrate Children's Day. The Madulkelle Plantation was acquired by Pintanna Group of Companies recently to expand its Agarwood Cultivation Project.

Our team took on the mission of refurbishing the school, providing a much-needed upgrade to the learning environment. Armed with paintbrushes and generosity we brought bright colors that will leave a smile on every child. We also thoroughly cleaned the school, ensuring a safe and hygienic space for the students.

Pintanna’s dedication to community welfare is a known fact; epitomizing that success should be accompanied by social responsibility. By giving a new look to the school, we not only enhanced the children's learning environment but also instilled hope for a brighter future!

Our commitment to Madulkelle Plantation Community doesn't end here; we plan to take all necessary initiatives to improve their living as we believe our growth is built on giving back to our workforce and community.


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