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Celebrating Three Years of Growth and Unity: Pintanna's Memorable Pirith Ceremony

At our Head Office located in Wijerama, Pintanna Plantations celebrated a noteworthy milestone on the 10th of October – our third anniversary. To commemorate this special occasion, a serene Pirith ceremony was inaugurated in the early hours of the day, and it was graced by the presence of Directress Dushanthi Dharmasena and Executive Director Kavishka Dharmasena. As we gathered to honour this significant day, it was an opportunity to reflect on the remarkable journey Pintanna has undertaken since its initiation.

Over the past three years, we have seen incredible growth and transformation. What began with just 21 employees has flourished into a thriving community of almost 600 dedicated individuals who have played a key role in our success. Our roots, once limited to the Galle branch, have now spread to more than 8 locations, making our presence felt across the country. In terms of our plantations, we started with a single estate spanning 80 acres, which is now over 1500 acres. Today we proudly manage more than 10 estates. This expansion is evidence to our commitment to sustainable and responsible practices.

One of the significant milestones we achieved during this journey was our entry into the international market, reaching several countries in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, UAE and more. Our enthusiasm to producing high-quality products has been recognised by the global audience. Furthermore, we are delighted to share that we have successfully rewarded our first investors, emphasising our promise of providing extensive returns on investment. From our initial focus on Oud Oil and Oud Chips, we have diversified our product range, venturing into offerings like Agarwood tea and more.

This outstanding progress would not have been possible without the firm support of our exceptional team of employees and the trust and confidence of our investors. We stand at a place of great achievement today. Furthermore, we are in a position to continue ascending new heights in the years to come. Pintanna Plantations remains dedicated to upholding our cultural heritage and spiritual values, ensuring our future is as rich and meaningful as our past achievements.


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